I have been translating works for theatre for many years and also specialise in translating poetry. I also work with writers, film directors, essayists and visual artists.

The majority of listed translations were commissioned by entities including: The Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama, Habima National Theatre, The Cameri Theatre,  Gesher Theatre. To date, my translations have been staged in countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Kenya and the Philippines.

Please make performance rights enquiries through the CONTACT page on this website.


Plays translated from Hebrew to English

  • The Labour of Life by Hanoch Levin
  • They Who Walk in the Dark by Hanoch Levin
  • Ya’akobi & Leidental by Hanoch Levin (last produced in 2016 by Éternels Vagabonds in London, UK)
  • Yakish & Poopché by Hanoch Levin
  • Mother Courage by Bertolt Brecht (Udi Ben Moshe adaptation)
  • Little Eyolf by Henrik Ibsen (Hanan Snir adaptation)
  • The Back Room by Edna Mazya
  • Days of Atonement by Hanna Azulai Hasfari (last produced in 2017 by Israeli Stage in Boston, USA)
  • Apples From the Desert by Savyon Liebrecht (produced in Manila, the Philippines, 2009; Denver USA 2011; Brown University, Hebrew College, Boston University, Harvard University and Northeastern University USA, 2012; Theatre J in Washington DC, USA 2012-3; Nairobi, Kenya 2013; Toronto, Canada 2015. Latest production was played on May 2018 in Virginia, USA) 
  • Betrayed by Adi Japhet-Fuchs
  • Amsterdam Blog by Reuven Kalinsky
  • Cabaret Voltaire by Yuval Roseman
  • Driver, Painter by Hillel Mitelpunkt
  • Little Man, What Now? by Itay Tiran & Dori Parnas
  • They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? by Shlomi Moskovich
  • My Life and Soul by Gideon Feldman
  • The Client by Dan W. Wasserman
  • The Gigantic Turnip by Dikla Katz
  • The Jaffa Ball by Yosefa Even-Shoshan

Plays translated from English to Hebrew

  • Be My Baby by Amanda Whittington
  • Glorious! by Peter Quilter
  • Janis (Interview With a Legend) by Roy Smiles
  • Pollard’s Trial by Victor Gordon
  • Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness
  • The Killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus
  • The Mai by Marina Carr
  • The Secret Rapture by David Hare
  • The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents by Lukas Bärfuss
  • The Woolgatherer by William Mastrosimone
  • Vital Signs by Jane Martin
  • Volunteer Man by Dan Clancy
  • What We Did to Weinstein by Ryan Craig
  • Under Doctor’s Orders by Peter Tilbury