Teaching & Workshops

I have been devising and facilitating bespoke workshops and courses since 2000, as well as teaching at Art and Drama schools. These include:  שיר פרייבך / במאית, דרמטורגית ומתרגמת

PUBLIC SPEAKING / EFFECTIVE AUDIENCE ADDRESSING – bespoke group and 1-to-1 tutoring for professionals from Private, Public and Art sectors. Past clients include politicians, hightech professionals, musicians and poets (2010-present).

STAGE CRAFT TUTOR – as part of ARTIST DEVELOPMENT programme at Raw Material Music and Media. Bespoke 1-to-1 sessions and group facilitation of singers, poets, rappers and musicians aged 18-28 (2017).

A PUBLIC INTIMACY: Performance Workshop for Writers – bringing together poets from 5 different countries, we explored the application of different languages through poetry and performance. The workshop was commissioned by Literature Across Frontiers for writers of the literary exchange project Word Express from Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Palestine and Israel. The culminating performance premiered at the Sha’ar International Poetry Festival in Jaffa, 2010.

LIVING TALES: Workshop & Performance for Mature and Elderly Adults – this project was inspired by a deep respect for and a genuine interest in the life stories of people, combined with the passionate belief in the power of theatre-making to empower, educate, heal and bring people and communities closer together. Participants are encouraged to share, re-visit and re-shape significant and/or unresolved episodes from their lives. The original workshop was commissioned by a Holocaust commemoration centre in Israel.

I’M A HERO: Workshop for 10-12 year-olds – addressing challenging domestic situations through the translation of dramatic texts from various cultures into the participants’ own lives, to develop personal means of expression through speaking, writing and role-playing.

Active Acting – annual course for religious female students, ‘Aspaklaria’ Jewish Drama School, Jerusalem (2009-2011).

Speaking Poetry – annual course for poets seeking to gain public poetry-speaking skills, ‘Helicon Poetry Society Creative Writing School’, Tel-Aviv (2009-2011).

Working with Actors – annual course for film students, ‘Minshar School of Art’, Tel-Aviv (2010).

Poetry & Shakespeare – annual course for drama students, ‘ActSearch’, Jaffa (2007).